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Robert and Carolyn, the owners of Green Tower House, live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Robert is a Dallas, Texas native and has been a licensed architect for nearly 30 years. Green Tower House was designed as a home built primarily for the couple’s future retirement. Robert fell in love with Belize during his first diving trip in 1999. Carolyn, a native of Philadelphia, has a passion for Central America and was introduced to Belize in 2007, 5 years after they were married. We have visited many areas of Belize and have fallen in love with the beauty of the land and the people. We settled on the Placencia Peninsula to build our future home. We were fortunate to have acquired the land during a trip in 2011 and several years later started to build. Green Tower House has evolved through several designs and now is the perfect home located in a quiet neighborhood close enough to all that Placencia has to offer but secluded enough to enjoy the serenity and beauty that makes Belize such a wonderful destination. We are happy to share our dream and hope you enjoy the features of the home and all that Belize has to offer.

Green Tower House was named after the prominent sage green tower that anchors the house. The tower was conceived not only as an architectural element but as a functional “heat chimney” which creates natural ventilation. The tower faces the west and warms with the afternoon sun causing the air to rise and escape out the sliding doors or windows, thus causing the cooler ocean air to flow into the house. The tower is built around the staircase providing access to the rooftop deck where sunrise over the ocean, sunset over the Maya Mountains or night sky stargazing are spectacular. Green Tower House is also ecofriendly. Rainwater is collected through a high efficient roof design directing the rainwater internally through the walls of the house leading to an 18,000 gallon cistern under the south part of the house. The water is filtered and pumped into low flow fixtures and is potable for all of your water needs. All lighting is LED and most appliances and fans are low voltage or energy efficient. Most interior doors were constructed as sliding doors suspended on barn door hardware to maximize space and allow airflow throughout the house without the risk of them slamming shut.

We hope you enjoy the features of this home as much as we do. Please make yourself at home and enjoy the beauty of Belize and all it has to offer.

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